Become a Board Member

We are currently seeking members interested in serving on our board for the 2021 giving term.  Please contact us if you are interested.

Marketing Coordinator

  • Facilitate social media including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Take photos at events
  • Take videos at events
  • Keep record of past and present charity recipients to use for marketing purposes
  • Create email campaigns for present and potential attendees
  • Assist with branding

Event Coordinator

  • Help arrange location for events
  • Work with sponsors/special pricing for food and beverage
  • Arrive early at event to make sure parking, signage, check in is a smooth and clear process for all attendees
  • Help create a fun and enjoyable environment for all attendees by being creative and resourceful

Sponsorship Coordinator

  • Find sponsors to support 100 Women Who Care Orange County by increasing awareness of our mission and the benefits for all involved


  •  Help increase awareness for 100 Women Who Care Orange County by sharing your experiences with your personal and professional circles, inviting people to attend, and attending our board meetings.