Become a Sponsor

Dear Future Sponsor,

Our organization is run by volunteers and donations; there are no membership dues or paid staff. We have expenses, though, and that’s where we need you. While most of our advertising is done by word-of-mouth, we have a website and some advertising expenses. We also may have future costs associated with our event venue. Most importantly, we want to ensure that our recipients can be awarded that full $10,000 every quarter. Our membership fluctuates due to women moving out of our area and other personal reasons. If our membership ever dropped below what we need to donate $10,000, your funds would be able to be used to guarantee that a local nonprofit receives the full $10,000.

In exchange for your contribution, we want to ensure that our members get to know you and the exciting things that your business is doing. We will do this through several different outlets. These include our social media sites, web page and the events themselves. Please contact us to learn more.